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Get insight into the world of surge suppression and witness some of the innovative solutions we’re implementing for clients around the world.


KEY INSIGHT Technological advancements in manufacturing have provided a major growth in production capacity and efficiency. Unfortunately, the electronic components that make these advancements possible

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Oil Production

KEY INSIGHT Reacting to unplanned maintenance issues prevents teams from being able to focus on important tasks and projects. Not only is this frustrating, but

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KEY INSIGHT Reliable groundwater production is mission-critical to many communities, industrial operations, and other establishments.  Replacing a downhole pump is typically a painful and expensive

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KEY INSIGHT New lighting technologies have overtaken the lighting industry based on low energy consumption and long-life expectancies.  The energy savings are real, but many

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Maxivolt Tech Notes

Understand transient voltage through real-world application.

Over 35 Years Experience & Knowledge Protecting Industries from Transient Voltage

Product selection, placement, and installation are critical to the performance of a surge suppression system. Maxivolt determines what devices are needed based on the immunity level of the specific electrical load to be protected. The placement of the devices is then determined based on the ideal location to maximize protection against both externally and internally generated power surges. Next the device must be installed as “the path of least resistance” in the system. Coordination of these 3 critical factors ensures the client’s surge suppression system will perform to its optimum capabilities.

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