Our Culture

Cris Wingate, Vice President

This is Maxivolt

Developing and nurturing a culture where our team members can thrive both personally and professionally is a high priority at Maxivolt.  It’s the people that make the company.  Happy and fulfilled individuals deliver results so it’s a win/win for the business and for the people who make up our team.

Some of the key components to our culture are making sure everyone has a voice, are on the same page, and have a clear understanding of what their role is.  One way we do this is by having quarterly meetings with the entire team where we review the prior 90 days accomplishments and announce the goals for the next 90 days.

Another important aspect of our work culture is ensuring everyone has a comfortable work environment and the best tools and resources available to do their job.  We purchased a new facility in 2020 and renovated it with comfort and functionality in mind.

Having fun at work is also important.  Mixing in some lightheartedness goes a long way in relieving the stress of meeting our work demands.  There is no rule that says handling business can’t be enjoyable.  We have quarterly team building events, team lunches, charitable events, season tickets to the local baseball team, and other periodic activities to promote team bonding.

More important than any of these things though is to simply care about the people you work with.  Genuine care and concern for our team is the foundation Maxivolt is built on.

Earth Day Park Clean Up


We love nature! (You’d be hard pressed to find a corner in our office sans potted plant.) It’s important to us to keep the green spaces in our community thriving. Several of our team members volunteered at a park clean-up hosted by Amarillo Parks & Recreation on Saturday, April 27.

Crafting Candy Grams


Some of our Maxivolt team members spent a few hours creating candy grams at Travis 6th Grade Campus in Amarillo, because every child should know they’re loved.

The Texas Panhandle Better Business Bureau Golf Tournament


Once again our premiere golf team comprised of Cris Wingate, Vice President, Dillon Kizarr, Project Manager, Javier Caro, Senior Project Manager, John Wingate, Senior Project Manager, and Jack Klaus, VP of Business Development, showed their support for our local Panhandle Better Business Bureau by participating in their annual fundraising golf tournament.  This tournament helps raise funds for the BBB Student Video contest as well as BBB community services.


We were excited when we learned that one of our Maxivolt teams took 3rd place in the 2nd flight.  Fun was had by all and Maxivolt was proud to be a corporate sponsor and help raise funds for an important cause.

Happy Birthday Taylor!

For birthdays we usually just have a cake, put too many candles on it, and sing happy birthday but today was different.  We decided to grill some steak bites and have associates bring in side dishes. Dillon, our full-time Project Manager and part-time baker, whipped up a delicious cheesecake for Taylor.

The IEC Texas Panhandle Education Foundation Golf Tournament


Cris Wingate, Vice President, Dillon Kizarr, Project Manager, Javier Caro, Senior Project Manager, and John Wingate, Senior Project Manager showed their support for the IEC Texas Panhandle Education Foundation by participating in their annual fundraising golf tournament.


The IEC Texas Panhandle Chapter is an organization of merit shop electrical contractors dedicated to providing industry-related education and training, business management, legislative participation, safety materials, and training.

2023 Mud Mania


Maxivolt was proud to participate in the 14th annual Mud Mania Volleyball Tournament with all proceeds benefitting the Randall County Sheriffs Office – Employee Assistance Fund.

The Maxivolt team made it through several rounds but were finally eliminated in a close match by an equally talented team.

As a Platinum Plus sponsor of the event, we feel we were able to give back a little to a community that has supported our business since 1988.

A First Pitch, Dugout Seats, And...


Jeanette Wingate, our Operations and Production Lead had the privilege of throwing out the first pitch in the Sod Poodles game.  Jeanette or “Jet” as she’s referred to, feels fully qualified to throw out the first pitch having spent many years playing baseball with her children and grandchildren.

The Maxivolt team had the best seats in the house for the Sod Poodles baseball game against Tulsa.  Beverages, chips and salsa, along with steak and chicken fajitas were provided by the stadium. 

Cris Wingate our Vice President, along with Dillon Kizarr, one of our seasoned Project Managers, performed for the crowd at the Sod Poodles game on Thursday night.  We’re not sure what the dance was but it was executed flawlessly.  

Thank you to the Sod Poodles for a fun evening!

And don’t forget to visit The Amarillo Sod Poodles website for schedule and ticket information.

Note:  Maxivolt management disavows any knowledge of their employment or association with Maxivolt and is not responsible for counseling or therapy sessions that may arise as a result of viewing their performance.

KAMR Studio 4 Interview


Thank you to Sheryl Proctor of KAMR Amarillo for having Maxivolt on their Studio 4 segment.  Jeanette Wingate, our Operations and Production Lead, along with Cris Wingate, Vice President, spoke with KAMR’s Andy Justice about our business and our 35th anniversary celebration.  Cris emphasized our gratefulness to local Amarillo community for the support we’ve received over the years which has contributed in our 35 years in business.

Jeanette spoke about our humble beginnings and how we’ve grown over the years.  She was also excited to mention that she was throwing out the first pitch in the Amarillo Sod Poodles baseball game on Thursday night (6-29-23).

Visit My High Plains to watch the interview online.

McDonald Lake Clean-up

Amarillo Parks & Recreation hosted a clean-up event at McDonald Lake.  The lake had flooded during our recent severe weather events and now that it’s receding, trash and debris are everywhere.  Volunteers arrived at 9am sharp to assist our New Mayor and other council members to walk around the lake area and pick up trash.  Coffee and Donuts were provided as well as all the supplies needed for trash pickup.  Several of our Maxivolt team members volunteered to help.

New website launch party!

The team at Maxivolt celebrated the launch of our new website by having a cookout in our backyard.  Vice President of Maxivolt, Cris Wingate grilled his world famous smash burgers for the team while some of our team competed in a tense game of corn hole.

Over 35 Years Experience & Knowledge Protecting Industries from Transient Voltage

Product selection, placement, and installation are critical to the performance of a surge protection system. Maxivolt determines what devices are needed based on the immunity level of the specific electrical load to be protected. The placement of the devices is then determined based on the ideal location to maximize protection against both externally and internally generated power surges. Next the device must be installed as “the path of least resistance” in the system. Coordination of these 3 critical factors ensures the client’s surge protection system will perform to it’s optimum capabilities.