Maxivolt engineers designed the WS-Series for medium voltage applications from 1,000 VAC – 5,000 VAC. In 2013, the WS-5KV was introduced to replace the WS-4160. Every device is custom made for the specific operating voltage of the equipment to be protected and goes through a rigorous and demanding testing process. WS-Series products feature hybrid circuits consisting of only the highest quality components engineered to provide an industry best clamping threshold. Serviceable safety fusing and the non-ground dependent design eliminate safety risks associated with competitive devices. The various benefits of WS-Series products provide clients with a quantifiable payback.

Features and characteristics:

THE WS-1500

Voltage Application

1500 VAC | 3Ø 3 Wire

Patent Number: 6,069,781

THE WS-2500

Voltage Application:

2500 VAC | 3Ø 3 Wire

Patent Number: 6,069,781

THE WS-3600

Voltage Application

3600 VAC | 3Ø 3 Wire

Patent Number: 6,069,781


Voltage Application:

4160 VAC | 3Ø 3 Wire

Patent Number: 6,069,781

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