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Manufacturing capacity and efficiency have seen huge growth through technological advancements in recent years, but this progress comes with new challenges. The sensitive nature of the electrical components buried in these technical advancements make them highly susceptible to misoperation and failure caused by transient voltage. With internal sources (primarily load switching) causing up to 80% of these damaging surges (IEEE), it is critical for manufacturing facilities to harden their electrical assets. Implementing a Maxivolt transient voltage mitigation system eliminates the impacts of transient voltage along with the downtime, headaches, and unnecessary expenses transient voltage creates. This empowers manufacturers to realize the efficiency and capacity improvements they originally invested in.


A bacon processing plant in Texas determined transient voltage-related issues cost them more than $30,000 in replacement parts and more than $10,000 in lost revenue annually. They sought a solution to electrical component failures of their 480V drives, compressors, slicers, packaging equipment, spiral heaters, chillers, and more. These failures were occurring so frequently, their electrical contractor was on site weekly and the client had to keep a backstock of drives at the facility. Tracking down these events tends to be tricky and time consuming, often to no avail.


Through phone and email correspondence and an on-site electrical system evaluation, Maxivolt and the client developed a strategy to minimize drive failure and equipment downtime caused by transient voltage. Maxivolt devices were installed according to this strategy at a cost of approximately $40,000. The plant manager then tracked failures and expenses for a before Maxivolt and after Maxivolt comparison.


One year after implementing Maxivolt transient voltage mitigation strategy, the client reported replacement part expenses due to transient voltage had reduced to $0. The investment paid for itself in a little under a year. The client also realized an end to intermittent misoperations due to voltage faults in areas throughout their operation. These figures do not include additional returns based on averted material waste, or other related benefits.

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