New lighting technologies have overtaken the lighting industry based on low energy consumption and long-life expectancies.  The energy savings are real, but many end users are not getting anywhere close to the lifespans they anticipated.  Replacing failed and malfunctioning lights is not only an expensive hassle, but can also negatively impact operational safety, customer confidence, and brand reputation.  Implementing a Maxivolt transient voltage mitigation system can increase lighting fixture life by over 40%.


A major semiconductor manufacturer was experiencing significant fallout of lighting fixtures in several of their facilities.  Replacing fixtures in these facilities required the use of a scissor lift so the cost of these failures went well beyond the cost of the replacement fixtures alone.  Operation and maintenance expense records were used to create a baseline for a study to quantify the impact of implementing a Maxivolt surge suppression solution.


Maxivolt teamed up with the client’s operations and maintenance team to evaluate the electrical systems at three facilities and developed a transient voltage mitigation strategy aimed at protecting the lights.  A system was put in place using figures from the expense records to track the impact of the solution.  A two-month, post-installation grace period was used to prevent initial fallout from already damaged fixtures from skewing the numbers.  Maxivolt devices were installed on three lighting panels at a cost of $2,250 and the client tracked lighting failure rates and replacement costs for three years.


Three years after the Maxivolt solution was installed, the client reported lighting replacement costs had dropped by over 40%. Prior to the installation, lighting replacement costs averaged $12,000 annually. This figure dropped to an average of $6,750 per year for an average annual savings of $5,250. The original $2,250 investment paid for itself and started producing returns in approximately five months.

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