35th Anniversary

How it Started

Maxivolt, a leading provider of transient voltage solutions, is proud to announce its 35th anniversary. Since its founding in 1988, the company has remained committed to manufacturing premium power products and using proven application strategies to achieve extraordinary results for their clients. Over the past 35 years, Maxivolt has grown to become a trusted and respected name in the industry.

Mark Wingate

Maxivolt was founded by three friends, Mark Wingate, Dale Kredit, and Pat Cauley in 1988. Prior to that, Mark and Pat had a business that sold private label surge suppressors. Dale was the engineering arm of a related surge suppression company. The three friends discovered that the company they were repping for was making false performance claims about their products. This prompted them to cut ties with that business, develop their own product line and start Maxivolt, or as it was known at the time, MVC, Inc.

In the beginning, the “corporate office” was a back room at Mark’s home in Amarillo, Texas and the “manufacturing facility” was a spare bedroom at Dale’s home in Phoenix, Arizona. After about 18 months, the business had established a handful of key clients and several distributors in Texas and Arizona. The business grew to a point which necessitated moves to a larger office space in Amarillo and a larger manufacturing space in Phoenix.

Through the Years

In 1989, Pat Cauley was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS). He passed away in 1991 leaving behind a wife and two children. Losing a close friend and business partner, especially that suddenly and at such a young age was difficult for Mark and Dale to say the least. Ultimately they decided to push forward with the business and in time, their perseverance would pay off.

In 1994, Dale resigned from Maxivolt to start his own business and manufacturing was moved from Phoenix to Amarillo. Dale remains a shareholder in the company and is still a valuable resource and advisor to this day.

In 1997, again, in conjunction with a key client, Maxivolt developed another new product line, the WS Series. This patented innovation helped spark a new growth spurt opening up the market for medium voltage applications.

This growth spurt prompted the need for more space again. In 1998, Maxivolt moved to 800 South Rusk Street.

Pat Cauley
Various Maxivolt office locations

In 1999, Maxivolt was awarded a $32,000 grant from the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation. This capital was invested in a test laboratory and also helped bring on a new employee.

In 2007, another remodel began, most notably, the construction of Cauley Park. Dedicated to one of the original founders, Cauley Park was a place for employees and visitors to get some fresh air and enjoy a beautiful natural setting.

By 2014, Maxivolt had established clients across the country and overseas as well. 

Many Thanks!

As Maxivolt celebrates its 35th anniversary, the company would like to express its sincere gratitude to its staff, clients, investors, and other supporters throughout the years. Maxivolt’s success and accomplishments over the last three and a half decades is a credit to their trust, faith, hard work, and dedication. The company is committed to continuing to provide the highest level of service and quality to its clients, maintaining a supportive and rewarding workplace for its employees, and giving back to the people and communities who have helped along the way.

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