Our Core Values

Maxivolt’s Core Values

We are people of principle who do what’s right.

At the heart of our identity lies the unwavering commitment to being people of principle, dedicated to consistently choosing the path of integrity and doing what’s right. This core value serves as our guiding light, directing our actions and decisions towards ethical and moral grounds. We recognize that true success is not solely measured by outcomes, but by the steadfast adherence to our values, regardless of challenges or temptations that may arise. Embracing this principle fosters an environment of trust and respect, both within our organization and in our interactions with our clients and the community.

We are caring, curious, competent, confident, and committed.

Our identity consists of five interwoven core values that define who we are and how we do business. We are caring, driven by a genuine empathy that propels us to understand and support the needs of our clients, our staff and our community. Our curiosity fuels a thirst for knowledge and a relentless pursuit of innovative solutions. We value competence, constantly honing our skills and expertise to exceed expectations and deliver excellence. With unwavering confidence, we approach challenges as opportunities, believing in our capacity to overcome any obstacle. Above all, we are committed, dedicated to our mission, our team, our clients, and the broader community we serve.

These values are a blueprint for how we navigate running a business.

We get up every morning and feed the cows.

The act of getting up in the morning to feed the cows serves as a powerful metaphor for approaching our daily work with dedication and purpose. Just as the Rancher tends to the needs of the cows, we too must tend to the responsibilities of our profession. The cows depend on our care for sustenance and well-being, mirroring the reliance that colleagues, clients, and projects have on our contributions. Just as the Rancher’s routine creates a rhythm that ensures the health of the herd, our consistent commitment to our tasks establishes a rhythm of productivity and progress. Through rain or shine, the Rancher fulfills this duty, reflecting the consistency and reliability required in our work. Just as the cows’ nourishment yields productive outcomes, our diligent efforts yield success and growth in our endeavors.

Our purpose is to Make a Difference

Maxivolt is driven by a commitment to making a difference. We believe that every action we take, every product we create, and every decision we make should contribute to a positive affect on our clients and community. By fostering innovation and embracing sustainability, we aim to lead by example in our industry and inspire others to join us in the collective pursuit of meaningful change in how business is conducted.

Our niche is Transient Voltage Solutions

Transient voltage events, such as surges and spikes, can wreak havoc on sensitive equipment, causing irreparable damage and financial loss. Our niche expertise lies in developing hardened solutions that safeguard against these transient threats, ensuring uninterrupted operations and extending the lifespan of valuable equipment. By meticulously engineering innovative surge protection and transient mitigation technologies, we empower businesses to operate with confidence in the face of unpredictable electrical fluctuations. 

Our New Promise

Real People.
You’ll always get to talk to a real person who cares and wants to help when you call Maxivolt.

Real Solutions.
We provide solutions to existing problems and prevent other problems from ever occurring.  We communicate transparently and co-create expectations with our clients.

Real Results.
We set goals and follow-up with our clients to make sure their goals are being met.  We provide significant return on investment through various operational and financial benefits.

Maxivolt’s Three Uniques


We take an owner’s perspective with our clients.

At Maxivolt, we go beyond the conventional vendor-client relationship by taking an owner’s perspective in every interaction. This means that we don’t simply see ourselves as a vendor, but as partners fully invested in the success of our clients. Much like an owner is deeply vested in the growth and prosperity of their own organization, we take the time to truly understand our clients’ goals and the challenges they face. This perspective drives us to proactively identify opportunities, anticipate hurdles, and design solutions that are not just functional, but strategic. We take pride in treating our clients’ projects as if they were our own, aligning our efforts with their vision and objectives. This ownership mindset instills a sense of responsibility and dedication, resulting in a relationship built on trust, shared values, and mutual success.

We manufacture premium power products and use proven application strategies to achieve extraordinary results for our clients.

Maxivolt is committed to excellence. What sets us apart is not just the quality of our products, but the fusion of our products with our proven process, consistently creating successful outcomes for our clients. We don’t simply deliver hardened power solutions; we engineer comprehensive approaches tailored to the unique needs and challenges of each client. Through meticulous research, innovative design, and rigorous testing, we ensure that our products are not only technologically advanced but also seamlessly integrated into diverse applications. This synergy of cutting-edge manufacturing and strategic implementation empowers our clients to achieve results that go beyond ordinary expectations.

We are accountable to co-created client expectations.

At Maxivolt, our accountability takes on a distinct form – one that’s rooted in the collaborative process of co-creating client expectations. We recognize that successful partnerships are built on a foundation of transparent communication and shared vision. As such, we engage in a thorough dialogue with our clients to understand their unique needs, aspirations, and goals. This collaborative approach not only fosters a deep sense of trust but also ensures that expectations are aligned from the outset. By actively involving clients in the expectation-setting process, we establish a mutual understanding of project parameters, timelines, and deliverables. This co-creation journey doesn’t end with setting expectations; it extends throughout the project lifecycle. We hold ourselves accountable to these jointly established standards, consistently measuring progress, addressing challenges, and adapting to evolving needs. This commitment to co-created client expectations forms the foundation of our customer-centric philosophy, where success is defined not just by end results but by the journey we undertake together.

Over 35 Years Experience & Knowledge Protecting Industries from Transient Voltage

Product selection, placement, and installation are critical to the performance of a surge protection system. Maxivolt determines what devices are needed based on the immunity level of the specific electrical load to be protected. The placement of the devices is then determined based on the ideal location to maximize protection against both externally and internally generated power surges. Next the device must be installed as “the path of least resistance” in the system. Coordination of these 3 critical factors ensures the client’s surge protection system will perform to it’s optimum capabilities.

Our Team

Talk With The Maxivolt Power Quality Team

A team of power quality specialist to help you find a solution for your power quality issues. With vast experience and knowledge protecting industries from transient voltage, our team will help you with product selection, placement, and installation are critical to the performance of a surge protection system.

James Moellmann

VP of Technology

John Wingate

Senior Project Manager

Jerry Delgado

Project Support

Jack Klaus

VP of Business Development

Javier Caro

Senior Project Manager

Dillion Kizarr

Project Manager